All weekday services are held at Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation
On special occasions, such as in honour of a Bar Mitzvah, services may be held at Holland Road. It is best advised to contact one of the Synagogues to check accuracy of times displayed below.

Special effort has been made since early summer 2009 that a Minyan should attend services daily. These have been largely successful, and the Rabbis and lay leaders of the local community welcome residents and visitors to join and ensure that Brighton & Hove can continue to maintain a daily Minyan.

Daily Shacharis:
Monday - Friday:


Daily Mincha/Maariv:
Daily at BHHC:

7:00pm as of 6 Sept 2009
6:30pm  as of 19 Sept 2009
6:00pm  as of 4 Oct 2009
5:30pm  as of 18 Oct

Friday Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat: 
BHHC & HHC - Weekly:

Shabbat Morning:
BHHC Weekly:
HHC Weekly:

Shabbat Mincha & Seudah Shlishit:

Throughout winter, closest 1/4 hour to Shabbat Candle Lighting time.
Current as of 7 Sept 2009


Closest 1/4 hour prior to, but not within 10 minutes of, Friday candle times,

BHHC: Brighton & Hove Hebrew Cong.
HHC: Hove Hebrew Cong.