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One of the hallmarks of Lubavitch has been its determination to do things others wouldn’t and to succeed where others couldn’t. Chassidim have always viewed obstacles as challenges to overcome. 

Lubavitch Brighton was established over twenty seven years ago, with the express aim of enhancing Jewish life in the city by creating as many positive and inspirational Jewish experiences as possible. Some of these include Torah Academy School and Nursery, Friday Night Shabbat Dinners, Day Camp, Festival Awareness Campaigns, Student Hospitality, Israel Solidarity Tours, Informative Website, Adult and Children Informal Jewish Education. Every achievement has only been possible due to the determination of Lubavitch Brighton and the financial support given by so many of you, for which we are most grateful. Lubavitch Brighton is a totally autonomous organisation that does not receive any funding from London or New York and so relies upon your support.

OUR ANNUAL BUDGET IS £120K and so please demonstrate your support in a significant and meaningful way.

Any donation, no matter how large or small would be greatly appreciated. 



24 reasons to support Lubavitch Brighton: 

Adult informal education
Businessmen’s Lunch and Learn
Chai children’s club
Day camps
Evening classes
Friday night dinners
Giant menorah
Hospital chaplaincy
Israel tours
Jewish assemblies
Kashering kitchens
Lag Beomer outings
Mezuzah campaign
Nursery school
One-to one learning
Prison chaplaincy
Questions & answer sessions
Rabbinic support
Tzivos Hashem
University chaplaincy
Varies discussion groups
Women in Touch
Young peoples groups
Zest and Enthusiasm


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Our Chabad centre dedicated to the student community serves Jewish students in Brighton, Kent and Southampton and throughout the region,

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